Visit Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a beautiful country located in western Europe and is surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany. It covers only 2,586 square kilometres (998 sq miles) with only 6 other countries in Europe smaller than it.  

The official languages of Luxembourg are French, German and Luxembourgish though you will find that most people speak English, especially in Luxembourg City, you will find a large mix of international workers who have moved to Luxembourg to work in the financial sector.

There are many things to do in Luxembourg, although many people choose to visit only the capital Luxembourg City. There are many things to do in Luxembourg City in one day and it is a beautiful city to visit with the old town dating back to 963.

Luxembourg Attractions

The old quarter of Luxembourg City became a UNESCO world heritage site in 1994 and it is nice to walk around the city and exploring the old streets and buildings. You can also explore under the city, by visiting the bock casemates, which were originally a network of tunnels built under the castle which was built on the old town. The tunnels once covered an area of 23km though the area you can explore nowadays is much smaller.

Outside of the Old Town in the area of Kirchberg which contains the business district, you will find many international headquarters. 40 years this area was just fields and nowadays you will find many modern buildings where the financial sector has moved.

Luxembourg is one of the richest countries in the world due to its industrial, banking and steel sectors. Nowadays it is known for its huge financial sector.

Luxembourg is one of the founding members of Europe and in this district you can find the Council of the European Union, the European Union Court of Justice, the European Investment Bank and the Secretariat General of the European Parliament.

You can also find the Philharmonie concert hall and the Museum of Modern Art all newly designed buildings.

Outside of Luxembourg City there is also a lot to see, with the most popular place being Vianden Castle, located just an hour away, north of the city and just 1km from the border with Germany. It is not the largest castle in Luxembourg, that is Bourscheid, but it has been fully restored and some of the rooms have been decorated to show how they once looked.

If you love visiting castles like me, then Luxembourg is certainly the place to be as there are over 100 castles in Luxembourg!! There are even two Luxembourg Castle Hotels that you can stay in while you are visiting Luxebourg, one has been converted into a large hotel with a swimming pool and amazing views of the valley in the north of Luxembourg, the other is a small building with just 3 rooms for guests and a shared kitchen, close to Luxembourg City.

It is possible to visit Luxembourg in One Day, but with one day you can maybe walk around the old town and explore Vianden Castle. To really get to know the country and see it properly you really need three or four days, though it is quite popular to spend the weekend or to have a long weekend there.

If you do spend longer in Luxembourg then there are many easy day trips from Luxembourg that you can do, whether that is inside the country or to the neighbouring countries of France, Belgium and Germany. 

The best time to visit Luxembourg really depends on what you want to do there, if you want to explore the whole country then Spring, Summer, Autumn is a great time to visit, though in July & August it can be very busy with most of Europe taking their summer holiday then.

Spring and Autumn the months can be cooler than summer and with fewer tourists it can be more enjoyable to visit and explore. Autumn is also a great time to get out into the countryside and see the leaves changing colours.

Late November, early December can also be a good time to visit as this is when you will find the Christmas markets, though the days are much shorter if you are wanting to explore outside of Luxembourg City.

Luxembourg Accommodation

There are many Luxembourg Hotels that you can choose to stay at during your visit and you can choose to either base yourself in Luxembourg City or outside of the capital, it can be difficult to know where to stay in Luxembourg.

I would recommend for the time you plan to explore Luxembourg City that you base yourself there, maybe for 1 or 2 nights.

If you plan on hiring a car and exploring outside of Luxembourg City then I recommend that you choose places to stay in Luxembourg, outside of Luxembourg City, as not all hotels have parking and it costs a lot to park your car in Luxembourg City.

Many of the hotels outside of the city have free parking and it is nice to stay in some of the little towns, you can even stay in one of the Luxembourg Castle Hotels or one of the towers of the medieval town walls in Echternach.