Vilnius, Lithuania – Things to do in 2 days there

Vilnius, Lithuania

I was trying to make a decision where to visit in September and finally decided on the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia) as I kept seeing so many pictures from people visiting and had yet to visit myself.  I decided my first stop would be Vilnius, Lithuania.

I flew on the 10th September into Riga as it was the cheapest city to fly into.  It was an extra £100 to fly into Vilnius where I wanted to start my trip!! I had booked my bus ticket down to Vilnius online with Lux Express for 30 Euro return so I knew I could catch the bus I wanted the next day and not risk turning up at the bus station and having to get a later one.

The next morning I was up early and at the bus station for my 9am bus to Vilnius.  The bus was great with free wifi and coffee!!  The 4 hour drive was beautiful though I did think the countryside was very similar to the UK, the only difference was the wooden houses you would occasionally spot.

I arrived in Vilnuis and walked 10 minutes to my hostel Home Made House, it is one of my favourite hostels that I stayed at on this trip.  It only sleeps 12 and the owner is great, very helpful and she makes an amazing breakfast.  When I arrived I was given a map and told the things to see in Vilnius.

My first stop was the Museum of Genocide Victims as the museum is closed monday’s and tuesday’s and I was leaving very early wednesday morning.  Admission is 4 euro for adults and 1 euro for students.  It is set in a former KGB prison where many Lithuanians died during the Russian and Nazi occupations and documents the time from the 1930’s until 1991 when it became an independent country.  I had no idea what had happened in this country during that time and while it is very depressing, the museum documents it very well and you need to learn the history of a country when you visit.

Museum of Genocide Victims Vilnius Lithuania Museum of Genocide Victims Vilnius Lithuania

Afterwards as I was close to the river and the weather was lovely, I decided to go for a walk along the river and to cross White Bridge and chill out in the park before walking along the other side and back across at Green Bridge.

Vilnius Lithuania Vilnius Lithuania Vilnius Lithuania

I then decided to walk up to Gediminas Tower as I had heard that the views of the city from the top are amazing.  There is a lift up to the top but it’s really not too difficult a walk.  It is the last remaining part of the upper castle that has survived and was rebuilt in 1930.  The views of the city are spectacular and this is a must while you are visiting Vilnius.  The tower itself is a museum and costs 5 Euro, you can also go stand on top of the tower and get a 360 view of the town.  I decided though that the views from the walls around the tower were enough for me and I could get the shots I wanted from there.

Gediminas Tower Vilnius Lithuania Gediminas Tower Vilnius LithuaniaGediminas Tower Vilnius Lithuania Gediminas Tower Vilnius Lithuania Gediminas Tower Vilnius Lithuania

After my busy day and lots of walking it was then back to the hostel and out for a few drinks with the people staying there with me.

The next day I was up early and after an amazing breakfast it was time to walk the 10 minutes to Cathedral Square to do the 10am walking tour of the old town with Vilnius Free Walking Tours.  We met our guide by the monument of Gediminas.

Cathedral Vilnius LithuaniaGediminas Monument Vilnius Lithuania

We were then told about the history of Lithuania and Vilnius before moving on and doing our tour of the old town.  We walked past the palace and university, town hall  and to the city wall of Vilnius, where we saw the Barbakanas Bastion and amazing views of the city (photo at the top of the page is the view from here).

Town Hall Vilnius Lithuaniap1340626edited

It was then down and across the river and into The Republic of Uzupis.  On the 1st April 1997 it declared itself an independent republic and even has it’s own president.  As you walk through the area you can see it’s own constitution written on the wall in different languages!!! (Have a read of it below, see what you think!!)  It’s a great little part of the city and was once filled by artists, now it’s a great place to walk around with some great restaurants and art galleries.

Uzupis Vilnius Lithuania Uzupis Vilnius Lithuania

We then passed back over the bridge and past Bernardine Church and St Anna’s Church. St Anna’s Church is a prominent landmark in Vilnius and a great example of gothic architecture.

St Anna's Church Vilnius LithuaniaBernardine Church, St Anna's Church Vilnius Lithuania

We then walked to Literatu Street, this small street has tributes lining the walls to poets and writers who have influenced Lithuanian literature.

Literatu Street Vilnius Lithuania

Our final stop was Alumnatas Courtyard where you can see the back of the Presidential Palace and we took a picture with some of the group.

Presidential Palace, Vilnius LithuaniaPresidential Palace, Lithuania

After the tour I decided to walk through the university grounds, I went inside the church but decided not to pay the 4 euros to climb the tower and see the view of the city, though I have heard it’s a great view.

Vilnius University Lithuania Vilnius University Lithuania

After that I walked to the Bernardine Garden where I walked around then read my book for a bit and had a bit of lunch in the Cafe.  As there was a crossing for the river just outside the park I decided to do the climb up to the Three Crosses to see the view of the city from there.  It is quite a steep hill but there are steps and it only takes maybe 20 minutes to get to the top.  It looks a lot higher and further away than it actually is, and is another worthwhile view point as you get to see Gediminas Tower from there.

Three Crosses Vilnius Lithuania  Three Crosses Vilnius Lithuania Three Crosses Vilnius Lithuania

After I had finished the walk I went and sat back down in the park and read a bit more of my book, before popping into Bernardine Church, Vilnius Cathedral & St Casimir’s Church to have a look at their interiors.  There are a lot of churches in Vilnius and it’s worth going in and seeing the great architecture in a few of them.

Bernadine Church Vilnius Lithuania

Vilnius Cathedral LithuaniaVilnius Cathedral Lithuania

St Casimir's Church Vilnius Lithuania

It was then back to the hostel for a chill and a few drinks before getting up early the next day for a trip to Trakai, a town about 40 minutes away from Vilnius on the bus.  It’s a great day trip from Vilnius, a stunning area.

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Vilnius Lithuania.  Things to do in 2 days


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38 thoughts on “Vilnius, Lithuania – Things to do in 2 days there

  1. I had no idea there was a huge genocide in Lithuania up until the 90s! I’m glad they fought and got their independence! I would love to walk around the old town.

  2. Excellent guide! I’d love to explore around the Baltics and I haven’t heard many people do it from Europe yet. I think Vilnius would be a good place to start or just for a short weekend break.

  3. Lithuania is very popular now isn’t it? I guess it’s quite cheap. There seems to be a lot of variety from gothic style church to soviet-era buildings. I love your photos 🙂

  4. I didn’t know there was a genocide in Lithuania 🙁 As sad as it is, I always think it is important to visit museums like that so you get the full history- the good and the bad. To be honest, I don’t know much about this country but I think your guide did it justice 🙂 Looks like an amazing and unique trip!

  5. I had an Estonian friend growing up in the 80’s. The two things I remember most about him were his fantastic mustache and how much pride / anger he felt with Soviet occupation. He was always talking about “free the three”. I lost track of him before the fall of the USSR but he was the first person I thought of when I heard the news. The Baltic States went through hell and they very much deserve a genocide museum.

  6. I was just thinking about going to those countries too!
    Thanks for the tips!
    The city seems to have a lot of history and I always love to know more about that (even though like you said it can be a bit depressing to visit certain places)
    Your post made me want to go even more ! thanks !

  7. Oh wow, we went to Vilnius and the rest of the Baltics over 4 years ago. Where did the time go? 😀 This post took me right back, thanks so much!


  8. You’re killing me! I hitchhiked straight through on account of trying to stick to a bit of a schedule, but that’s never the right choice! At least I have some ideas for next time I’m passing through!

  9. Looks like a gorgeous place to visit. Some of the architecture is wonderful and it seems so cheap. Definately want to visit when we are back in Europe. Its horrific to think of what went on during the genocide.

  10. I’ve always wanted to visit Lithuania. So much history that we don’t really get taught in schools and beautiful architecture. Add in some amazing scenery and you’ve got the perfect break! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I’ve never read about Vilnius so this was a fun article! I actually saw some affordable plane tickets to Lithuania not too long ago. I guess I’ve just added another place to the list!

  12. Just love the history to these places. The old architecture is fabulous and would love to just wander through all of those. Has a beauty all its own. Would love to visit and thanks for sharing.

  13. I’ve wanted to go to Lithuania! Thanks for some travel inspiration. I also want to thank you for helping me enter the Wikipedia wormhole for “Republic of Uzupis.” Interesting history there!

  14. I didn’t realize there is so much you can do in Vilnius. Love the view from the top of Gediminas Tower. The Genocide Museum would be a place I would lose my husband in. He is so into WWII history and crimes. Your two day itinerary is exactly what we would have done too.

  15. Vilnius comes across as a charming and endearing place. A place where the past and the present seem to meet. I would love to take a walk along the river and also explore the old town.

  16. Looks like you had a lovely time – so nice to see that Gediminas Tower offers a beautiful view – most of the time it is just a cityscape and nothing quite so lovely! Both churches look stunning as well.

  17. We *almost* moved to Vilnius for my husband’s work three years ago until he moved companies. Reading your post takes me back to all those nights researching a new life there! It looks like such a cool city, thank you for sharing!

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