Miami Beach

When you imagine Miami, you think blue skies, warm weather and beautiful beaches and I wasn’t disappointed when I landed it was very hot and sunny.  I had flown that morning from Cuba, a distance of 210 miles as the crow flies.  Unfortunately in December 2015, there still wasn’t any commercial flights between the US and Miami meaning I had to fly via Panama, a distance of 2,100 miles and taking a total of 7 and a half hours.

When I landed I hopped on the airport bus (this goes from the bus terminal and drops off all the way down Miami Beach, its less than $5 return and runs every 30 mins) to get to my hostel in Miami beach.

I had booked SoBe Hostel which is towards the bottom of Miami beach, a few blocks from the sea, a great place that offered breakfast AND an evening meal for about $30 a night.  It was a big party hostel that offered nightly excursions to the clubs around, but as I had just partied for a month in Cuba, I spent my 2 nights there recovering!!

The next morning after a sleep in, and my only full day in Miami, I decided to go check out the beach.  It was amazing despite being a bit windy and a lot of seaweed near the shore, brought in by the rough seas.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach

After a bit of sunbathing, I decided it was time for a late lunch so I headed to Ocean Drive, this is a district with beautiful art deco buildings and flash cars, clearly out of my price range for lunch but worth a walk down.  Its 15 blocks long and a beautiful walk, on the way back I stopped in one of the many parks lining the beach and chilled before heading back to the hostel for my free dinner of spag bol.

I spent the evening chatting and watching my roommates getting ready for their night on the town.  Tonight it was a club a few blocks away, but I was driving the next day and still tired from Cuba!!  So it was on with the eyemask and earplugs.  Couldn’t wait for the drive down to Key West the following day.

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11 thoughts on “Miami Beach

  1. The art deco district is nice, isn’t it? I found Miami Beach a bit too party central for my tastes, but I suppose it’s all optional. Really I preferred Miami city to the beach.
    That’s a long trip to get from Cuba. I met a woman who said she used to pay the men with speedboats to take her to Cuba and back from Miami (she was American so couldn’t get stamped). Not that I’m recommending that of course.

    • I took the cheapest option, which was also the longest!! As I am from the UK no problem on the stamp part and not sure I could of coped getting a speed boat there, but hey if you want to visit and aren’t allowed!!

  2. I’ve never been in Miami, although (as everywhere in the world) it’s on my list. Those paradisiacal beaches, good vibes and music..seems to be the best place to travel and relax next to the ocean or as an starting point for all Florida’s adventures and theme parks.

    I’ll definitely reconsider it and turn it into one of my top 10 trips to do before I turn 30!

  3. Loved the vibe at Miami Beach!! I was there in summer and it was really super hot!! Water was warm as well, but it was enjoyable! ? Glad it didn’t fall short of your expectations!

  4. I went to Miami when I was on the crew (rowing) team in college. We spent a lot of time rowing of course, but also had time to enjoy the beaches and nightlife. You have some good practical information here about the costs of traveling in Miami.

  5. That certainly is a long way to get there! Would have been quicker to swim lol. I was in Miami a few years ago for a very brief time but THe Hubs was not a big fan. To be fair though the cruise we took from there was pretty awesome ?

  6. I have spent last December in Cuba too, but before I left I booked myslef a few days in Varadero, just to relax and be by the sea. Miami beach looks like a great beach to do this too. Did you arrive there mid December? I remember that in Cuba there were a few days in mid December when it rained quite a lot, when the warm air front hit the cold one. But then the weather got really nice again 🙂

    • I was in Cuba the whole of november, left around the 29th of november to Miami. We had quite a bit of rain in November too 🙂

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