Things to do in Memphis, Tennessee

Graceland Mansion - Memphis

When I saw that Elvis’s home the Graceland Mansion was in Memphis, I knew that it was a place I had to fit into my trip.  My mum was a huge Elvis fan, I was brought up listening to Elvis and mum would go to Elvis tribute nights and we even played one of his songs at mums funeral (I just can’t help believing).

Graceland Mansion - Memphis

I booked The Pilgrim House Hostel outside of the centre of Memphis in an up and coming area, there were buses to the centre and lots of bars and restaurants.  The hostel is linked to the church next door and it was a great hostel.  Really good common areas, huge kitchen, very clean and the staff had information on how to get to all the places I wanted to go.  It was a little weird getting a chore to perform each day but as it took 2 mins to do it was not a big issue.

My first day there, I took a bus from the hostel to Graceland, its easy to get to from anywhere in the city though you will probably need to change buses.  When I got there I checked in and joined the queue to get on the mini bus to drive me across the road to the mansion.  As you get on the bus you get an Ipad which gives you a self guided tour around the mansion with further information if you want more.  This was great it meant you could take as long as you wanted and didn’t have to keep with your original group.  There was free wifi throughout the mansion and I was sending pics home showing them where I was and chatting to my sister about how much mum would of loved to of been there, and how I hoped she was visiting with me.

You get to tour the downstairs of his house, which hasn’t be touched since he died nearly 39 years ago, meaning that it might of looked very fashionable in the 1970’s but looked very dated to me!! Also we got to see where Elvis is buried with his parents, grandmother & still born twin bother at his side. A lot of people were getting emotional at this point, though I had been emotional before thinking of mum.

Graceland Mansion - Memphis Graceland Mansion - Memphis Graceland Mansion - Memphis Graceland Mansion - Memphis Graceland Mansion - Memphis Graceland Mansion - Memphis

Across the road at the visitors centre you also get to see his collection of cars and his 2 planes!!  It’s a great day out and a must if you are in Memphis.  You could probably do it all in 3 hours but I spent all day there, I loved it.

Graceland Mansion - Memphis Graceland Mansion - Memphis

The next day I went into the centre of Memphis and visited the National Civil Rights Museum & The Lorraine Motel the assassination site of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, it was a very informative museum and showed how segregated America was.  It was very difficult to see how such a short time ago people were treated so differently due to the colour of their skin.  I believe we need museums like this though to educate people about what happened in the past so that we don’t make the same mistakes again.

Lorraine Hotel Memphis Lorraine Motel Memphis

After this I walked into the centre and around the town before getting the bus back to my hostel.  I had a few great evenings out too in Memphis catching up with my friend Janet I had met in Europe 7 years previously, finding out all about the business she has set up “Cottons Cafe” which sells natural baked dog treats and is stocked in a lot of whole foods in the area.  Thanks Janet for keeping me company, was great to catch up.


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Things to do in Memphis Tennessee USA

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24 thoughts on “Things to do in Memphis, Tennessee

    • I went to Nashville after Memphis, thats a great city too. Just listening to music all the time. Memphis is worth a visit too, if you are back there 🙂

  1. Oh Clare, very jealous… what a place and somewhere I’ve been wanting to go for years – and not just for Graceland 😀
    Amazing to see how they’ve preserved the Lorraine Hotel so well.

  2. I still have to visit Memphis and when I do, I’ll def be checking out Graceland and the Lorraine Motel (sadly, people of color in America continue to be discriminated upon).

  3. Wow the mansion looks incredible! I think the room with the pool table is my favorite. Elvis is such an icon, so cool that you got to visit this place! I’ve been wanting to make a trip down to TN for a while so hopefully I’ll go soon!

  4. It’s crazy but I’ve been to Memphis several times without seeing Graceland. It’s always a business trip or a short layover, so I never made it … yet. But I have to, it’s such a cool part of Americana.

  5. What a great experience to visit Elvis’ mansion! It is very well maintained, but like you said, it is quite old-fashioned. His pink car is very cute! I wonder if it is still working 😀

  6. Sounds like a great trip. I would love to visit Memphis and Graceland. It’s hard to believe that Elvis died 39 years ago. My mum was a big fan of Elvis too and I can remember the day that he died, even although I was only 7 years old. The 70’s are my golden years – in my mind, and I would love all that 70’s decor. Too bad your mum didn’t get to visit – my mum would have loved it too! Good post. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Definitely an interesting place to visit. The decor definitely seems out of place now but must have been the height of cool back then! The car is really cute 🙂

  8. That’s awesome! Going to see the house of a celebrity who your mom was a fan of, is such a heartening thing to do!!!! I wasn’t born in Elvis era but he’s a timeless style icon!

  9. I loved visiting Graceland – the house, the gardens, the costumes, the cars, the planes – everything has been kept in such great condition – and the room full of gold records was mind-blowing!
    And I think it’s hard not to feel emotional in there – and that’s without having a connection to him through your mum! I’m sure she was with you though every step of the way like any true fan 🙂

  10. I know nothing about music, but Elvis was someone I used to listen since I was little at my parents’ house. There was something magic about him and his music. I’m so glad you got to visit his house since it has such a great significance to you and your mum. Hope it was a special visit for you 🙂

  11. My mum loves Elvis too! I grew up with his music (and a poster in her office) and she made a pilgrimage to Graceland too – it’s a lovely thing to do in your mum’s memory. I cannot believe he has his own planes – can you go in inside them?

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