Faro – A beautiful town in the Algarve, Portugal


When I decided to visit Portugal it was more to see Lisbon as it seems to be the place to go at the moment.  I had 17 days so I decided that a trip to the south to a few beaches would be good to fit in too.  I had no idea it would be such a beautiful area and I had a great time there.  I flew into Faro which is where the airport is that covers the Algarve, most tourists miss Faro and go straight to their resort but as I had a flight that landed at 11.30pm I decided to book a few days in a hostel there.  Le Penguin Hostel is located about a 10-15 minute walk from the old town & bus/train stations it’s a great hostel, very clean, staff nice and friendly and they knew how to get to others towns or the different beaches.  They also do evening meals too which were great and good portion sizes and the free breakfast was good with lots of choice.  There is a nice outdoor common area that everyone hung out in, a great hostel for meeting other travellers.

My first morning I got up and enjoyed the free breakfast before getting a map.  The hostel recommended I go visit the Chapel of Bones, it was near to the hostel and you enter through the Church of Carmo, the chapel is covered in the bones and skulls of monks!!  Very strange to see but only 2 Euro, so worth a visit.

Faro FaroFaro

I then walked down to the old town, it’s a beautiful area of the city and I walked through the streets, looking at the old houses decorated with fancy tiles and visited my 2nd church of this trip (I had no idea then how many churches I would visit on my trip to Portugal, there are a lot to see!!), Faro Cathedral, it costs 3.50 Euro but is worth going in to climb up the bell tower and see the view of the old city, from there you can see the many stalks and their nests on top of the buildings.

Faro Cathedral Faro Cathedral Faro Cathedral P1330792

In the afternoon after walking around the town I decided beach time was needed.  There are no beaches you can walk to from Faro, you either have to catch a ferry or a bus, so I caught a ferry across to Ilha Deserta for 10 Euro return. Its a beautiful island, with an Eco Restaurant & snackbar.  The main beach is very wide and also very long, I couldn’t see the end of it! There are a few sun beds and parasols you can rent or plenty of space for you to put your sarong down and enjoy the sun.  After a bit I decided to go into the sea to cool down but was shocked at how cold it was when I put my feet in, I had no idea the sea here would be so cold!! It was as cold as the sea in England!! So I gave up on that idea, went back to my sarong and chilled out until the ferry home.

FaroIlha DesertaIlha Deserta

On the way back to the hostel I decided to stop in peacock park, it’s a local park with lots of peacocks walking around.  They were setting up for a beer festival so not too many to see with all the noise!! But worth a visit if you are in the area.

Peacock Park Faro

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Faro Portugal - A beautiful town in the Algarve

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20 thoughts on “Faro – A beautiful town in the Algarve, Portugal

  1. Faro looks lovely. I love visiting Cathedrals and Churches wherever we go. And Peacock Park sounds fun. Hope more tourists will take time to explore it. There are always hidden treasures.

  2. Faro looks exactly like the kind of place we love to explore, those hidden gems! Without the invasion of tourists, you get such an authentic experience in those hidden corners!

  3. Love the look of Faro, so quiet and quaint, and those beaches look lovely. I love Porto but will definitely check out Faro next time we make it to Portugal.

  4. I have wanted to visit the Chapel of Bones ever since I saw it on a television show years ago. I’ve been reading a lot about Portugal lately and yours is the first post I’ve seen mention it. So glad to now have the name of the town it is in as I’d totally forgotten. Thanks for posting!

  5. Algarve is one place in Portugal where we will definitely go when we do get to Portugal. The fact that it is relatively less crowded adds to its allure.The place seems blessed with great natural beauty and the town seems to be in a time warp. It would be great to walk around the charming town.

  6. This looks like such a pretty place. We considered Portugal while planning a trip to Spain but unfortunately you can’t see everything on just a 2 week vacation! So, Portugal is still on the list. We did see peacocks like you did and I was stunned at how loud they were!!

  7. We’d love to visit Portugal some day. Faro seems to be exactly the kind of place we would want to go to! Quiet towns that are off the main tourist trail are some of our favorite places. Shame about the sea being so cold, though!

  8. I love secret little hidden gems of places!! I think that’s one of the best reasons to go off the beaten path and it’s the kind of traveling I enjoy the most. Honestly I’ve never heard of Fargo until this post so thank you for introducing it to me!

  9. Wow! Its these types of places that really get me going! I think its so important to try and get off the beaten path and Algarve looks like a town that is exactly that. Thank you for the great post!

  10. Faro looks awesome! I went to Portugal kind of on a whim last year not really expecting much and was SO pleasantly surprised by it. I couldn’t believe how much I loved it. I can’t wait to go back and see more… I’ll add Faro to my list!

  11. I made the mistake as others did and landed in Faro then headed straight to Spain (it was cheaper flights there than Spain) but now reading your post I am regretting that. I should have at least spent the day there. Thanks for sharing. I won’t make the same mistake again.

  12. I am planning on going to Portugal in 2018. It’s a bit far to really start my planning but the Algarve is on my list. I had never thought of Faro as anything more than the airport. You have got me thinking differently now!

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