Luxembourg City in 1 day

When I booked Luxembourg I thought I would need 2 days to see the city, but I was wrong, to see everything within the city you only need 1 day unless you intend to visit a few of the museums.  There are also trips which can be done outside the city to Echternach for hiking and Vianden to see the castle, which can be done by bus or car.  I spent a total of 5 days in Luxembourg but you could see most things in 2 or 3 days.

I flew in from England to Luxembourg city, a small airport and stayed at the Hostelling International Youth Hostel in the city, its a great location and only about a 10 minute walk to the centre of town.  From the airport you get the number 16 bus to Hamilius stop which is 5 minutes walk from the Place d’Armes and 15 minutes walk from the hostel.

As I walked down towards the hostel near the Bock Casemates, I got my first view of the city, part of it is perched on top of a hill with a valley going around it, just stunning.  Within an hour of arriving I was already in love with the city.

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City

I then contined down to the hostel.  I ate most nights in the Youth Hostel as they had a restaurant and the price of food was much cheaper than eating in town.  They also had a few local dishes as specials on a few of the nights I was there, so I could try the local dishes without having to go to expensive restaurants.

Unfortunately my first night I didn’t get much sleep as some lads in the room next to us, decided to party until 4am, the joys of hostel life!! I could still hear them despite the ear plugs, which I always use when sleeping in a dorm room.

The next morning after having breakfast, I walked down to the river from the hostel and walked along the river to the Grund area of the old town.  The views were stunning and you could just make out the holes in the wall of the Bock Casemates.

Luxembourg City

This part of the Grund is dominated by the former Abbey of Neumunster, which is now a cultural centre.

Luxembourg City

I then crossed the bridge and into the heart of the Grund where I walked around the old streets before climbing up to Rham Plateaux.  Here the old military barracks have been converted into social institutions and you can also see some of the ruins of the old wall that was around this area.

Luxembourg City Luxembourg City

The view across the valley to the corniche and Citadel de Espirit is stunning, from here you can see the walls built around the city and the Bock Casemates.

After exploring this area and enjoying the views, I walked back down and across the valley to visit the Bock Casemates (a UNESCO world heritage site), it is 6 Euro’s to visit. It was built in 1644 by the Spanish and was originally 23km long!! Now you get to see only 110m in length though on a few different levels.  It seems quite a big area when you are down there and it is quite easy to get lost though you are given a map when you enter.  It is worth a visit though and it was great views down to the Grund.

Bock Casemates Luxembourg City Bock Casemates Luxembourg City Bock Casemates Luxembourg City

Next I walked along the Chemin de la Corniche which goes from the Bock Casemates around part of the city, giving amazing views down into the valley below and up around the National Archives buildings which were a former Prussian Military Hospital.

Luxembourg CityI then visited the Cathedral to the Blessed Virgin, my first of many cathedral visits on this trip and then to the Constitution Square where there stands the Gelle Fra Memorial erected in 1923 in memory of the Luxembourgish soldiers who fell during the two world wars and the Korean War.

Cathedral to the Blessed Virgin Luxembourg City

Gelle Fra Memorial Luxembourg City

I then walked to the Place d’Armes, a bustling area of the town, where lots of people just hang out, with lots of restaurants and a market on Saturday mornings.

Place d'Armes Luxembourg City

As the tourist office was just around the corner in Place Guillaume II, I decided to head there to check I wasn’t missing anything on my visit.  There I picked up a great leaflet on a city promenade walk which includes all the highlights of the city and got some tips of a few other places I should visit.

The square was named after the King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg, is quite big with lots of restaurants and outside seating, there is quite a bit of work being done there at the edge of it at the moment, but I imagine in summer it is a beautiful place to sit and relax.

Place Guillaume II Luxembourg City

Place Guillaume II Luxembourg City

I then walked around the corner to the Palace of the Grand Dukes, the oldest part was built in 1572 and it was fully restored in the 1990’s.  It’s a beautiful building and you get to see a guard standing guard outside.

Palace of the Grand Dukes, Luxembourg City

From here I walked up Avenue Pescatore and to the Panoramic lift that was built and takes you down to the valley below.  I walked across the old bridge and there is also a building there with a video showing the history of the area.  I then climbed the steps on the other side of the road to get up to Fort Thungen.  Here there is the Museum of Modern Art and also a Museum of the Fort.  I explored the grounds and the ruins of the fort before heading back down.

Fort Thungen Luxembourg City Fort Thungen Luxembourg City

Once I was back down in the valley, I walked along the river and back to the hostel to chill out for the evening as the next day I was heading to Trier in Germany to explore Germany’s oldest city.

If you enjoy visiting Museums and Art Gallery’s then Luxembourg has lots for you to see.

Museum of Modern Art, National Museum of History and Art, Luxembourg City History Museum, National Museum of Natural History and many more.

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  1. Its looks lovely. You appear to have had lovely weather as well. Not a country I had thought of visiting but perhaps it may go on the agenda. Enjoy Germany.

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