Kemeri National Park – A day trip from Riga, Latvia

Kemeri National Park, Riga, Latvia

As I had seen most things in Riga and wanted to go explore further afield.  The people in my hostel recommended that I go to Kemeri National Park as the weather had turned due to it being mid September and it was no longer beach weather.

The trains run from Riga train station every 2 hours, so I decided to get the 9.30am train which takes about an hour.  You need to get off at the Kemeri Railway Station and it costs around 1.50 Euro each way.

When I got to the train station I went outside and there is a map of the area, there is no tourist information and the station was unmanned so the map is the only thing to help you. The shortest walk in the area is the 3.5km walk around Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk but you have to bear in mind that it’s a 3km walk from the train station to the start of the boardwalk!!

I decided that another good hike was exactly what I needed after my hike the previous day around Sigulda, so off I set on the 3km hike.  If you decide to do this hike, turn left out of the train station, cross the railway tracks, and about halfway down this road, you will see a path on the right, take that path as it is a short cut.

Kemeri National Park, Riga, Latvia Kemeri National Park, Riga, Latvia

When you get back to the main road, you will see a road practically opposite, keep walking down that road, past the graveyard and at the end you will get to Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk.  From here follow the signs and do the 3.5km walk around the boardwalk. There are signs in English explaining about the flora and fauna in the area and the different birds and animals that can be found.

Kemeri National Park, Riga, Latvia Kemeri National Park, Riga, Latvia Kemeri National Park, Riga, Latvia Kemeri National Park, Riga, Latvia

I continued walking until I got to the observation platform, which if you climb to the top gives you amazing views of the area.

Kemeri National Park, Riga, LatviaI stopped for a bit to enjoy the views and the skies clearing, before continuing to walk around the rest of the boardwalk.  It’s a nice and easy walk to do and if you have a car you can park right by the start of the walk.  I then walked back towards the train station and as I still had a few hours before the train I needed to catch back to Riga, I decided to do part of another walk.  Obviously 9.5km at this point was not enough!!

This time I was hiking part of the Green Dune, this is also a cycling path so watch out for the bikes while you are walking.  If you hike the whole route it is 14km but I decided to only walk to the sand dunes as I needed to get back.  From the train station to the sand dunes it’s about a 4.5km hike.

Kemeri National Park, Riga, Latvia Kemeri National Park, Riga, Latvia

The forest you walk through is beautiful and very peaceful, but I was a little disappointed when I got to the sand dunes and found it just looked like a hill, you couldn’t really tell it was a sand dune!!!

Kemeri National Park, Riga, Latvia

After this it was a quick walk back to the train station to get the train back to Riga.  I was exhausted after my 18km day!!!

If you are going here for the day on the train, it’s a good idea to bring a packed lunch as I saw no restaurants near the train station and only one shop where you could buy snacks.

It’s a beautiful area and if you have seen everything in Riga & Sigulda and it isn’t beach weather then a visit to Kemeri National Park is a nice day out.

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Kemeri National Park A day out from Riga Latvia

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31 thoughts on “Kemeri National Park – A day trip from Riga, Latvia

  1. That view is stunning! Seems like an awful lot of walking, you must have been exhausted! Do you happen to know if it closes for the winter season? I’m actually going to Riga for a short break in 2 weeks with my cousin and we’re hoping to take a day trip outside of the city at one point or another. Or if you have any other suggestions I’d really appreciate it! 😀

    • I believe that there are open all year round but not sure how easy it will be to get there and walk around if there is snow!! If you have a car, then it will be easier to get around. I also have a blog on Sigulda, which is in another national park, that is a really beautiful area, if you like castles 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos of a beautiful place! I’ve never even heard of this country, which makes me realize how BIG the world can seem. When you travel you feel like the world is so small, then you run across a post like this about a country you’ve never heard of. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’ve never been to Latvia but need to add it to my list! The Kemeri National Park reminds me so much of a hike I did in the South Island of New Zealand when I was living there. Thanks so much for bringing back great memories!

  4. 18km! Sounds like a good workout to me 🙂 Leg day! We love checking out National Parks so this one’s been added to our list. Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a great post 🙂 I think Latvia gets quite little attention, especially anything outside Riga. Funnily enough Mihir and I have only been to Riga but we recently ventured out into one of the Finnish National Parks which was very similar to your experience I think. Beautiful pictures, by the way. Next time we go to the Baltics, I wanna give this place a try.


  6. That looks like a beautiful area and quite varied with forest and more open areas, and what a beautiful view. I wouldn’t have known that that was a sand dune though! It’s good to read about alternative day trips from big cities, and you don’t read much about Latvia other than Riga. My kids would love to run around there.

  7. This is exactly what we love when traveling. Finding beautiful spots to walk or hike in. Walking over those ponds would be the best part especially if you get reflections off them from the sky.

  8. I never thought to visit anywhere other than Riga when I was in Latvia. I wish I’d have taken this trip, just a euro and a half for an hours train journey is great value. I worked it out to be a 9.5 km round trip from the train station, just the exercise you need whilst traveling. Although there were no signs the boardwalk looks pretty straight forward. It looks beautiful too.

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