Ischia – A beautiful island off the coast of Naples

While I was in Naples, I had decided that I was going to see the island of Capri, it was too expensive to stay overnight so I was just going to go for the day, but while I was in the hostel I saw a leaflet for a hostel on the island of Ischia, I googled some pictures and decided I would finish off my stay on that island.  It looked beautiful.


I left my hostel in Naples and walked down to the port and caught the Medmar ferry across to Ischia.  It is slightly nearer than Capri but is quite a bit bigger.  It’s easy to get around though as there is a bus service that covers the whole island.  We arrived in Ischia port and from there I could see Castello Aragonese, which looked amazing from the water.  I have a love of castles and so I decided to visit.


I didn’t think it looked that far so I decided to walk and drag my little carry on suitcase behind me.  It did take about 45mins/1hour to walk there, but there is the option of catching the bus from the port to the castle.  I stopped on the way and sat in a lovely restaurant on the waterfront for lunch and then carried on to the castle.  It costs 10 Euro to get in, but well worth it, you could spend all day there. Take a book and sit in the gardens, it’s a great place to relax if you have time.  You get a map and guide that takes you around the castle, it’s well set up.



From the Castle I then caught I bus back to the port and another to the other side of the island and a town called Forio where I had booked in at the Ring Hostel.  It’s a great hostel, a little difficult to find but the staff are super friendly and helpful.  The rooms were clean there is free breakfast and a great common area too.

That afternoon I decided to go explore the town of Forio, it’s a beautiful little town, very quaint with some nice restaurants on the seafront.


I also managed to catch sunset on my walk along the seafront before having dinner in one the restaurants along the front.


The next day I got up and caught the bus to Sant’Angelo, it’s on the south coast built next to a large rock in the sea, with a strip of land that goes out to the point with a little beach.  It’s a beautiful little town with no cars allowed.  There are lots of little boutique shops and some good restaurants.  If it’s a beach you want there are also several good beaches within walking distance.


After I had explored and done some sun bathing, it was then time to return to Fario and back to the hostel.  The next day I caught the Alilauro hydrofoil back from Fario to Naples to get my flight home.

I loved my trip to Naples and seeing the beautiful island of Ischia, it would have been nice to have had a few more days to explore as there is lots to see on this island.

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23 thoughts on “Ischia – A beautiful island off the coast of Naples

  1. Looks like you found a little gem there! Love the pictures, they are stunning! That castle looks amazing too, I love exploring castles. Must put this island on my list for my next Italy trip!

  2. This looks lovely; I’d never heard of this place before. I have been to Naples but I found it a little difficult there, since I don’t speak any Italian.
    I have always fancied Capri, but like you said everything is expensive there.

  3. Love Naples, Not been to Ischia but the photos looks glorious! I love the island villages that are set in the mountain ranges along the water boarders. The castle looks amazing as well! It would have been a shame no to see it. The sunset in Forio is quite beautiful you captured it at the perfect moment!

  4. Ischia looks fascinating! I had never heard of it before. I have been to Naples, but didn’t go any further before heading to Greece. The architecture does look beautiful and picturesque along the sea.

    • I think you would need a few more days as its quite a big island and yes there are some amazing beaches there too 🙂

  5. What a great little find! Sometimes it’s a good idea to follow the leaflets for unknown places! Ischia looks beautiful – and I love your sunset shot!

  6. Wow, this looks like a beautiful place and a nice piece of history. I have been to Naples before but didn’t know about this island. Maybe next time!

  7. What a beautiful little place. My first stop would have been the castle too! It’s also nice that some areas are car-free. Would love to visit and relax there for a few days.

  8. Italy is always worth a trip. Living in Austria this means loooooads of trips to Italy. I usually go there once or twice a year and I haven’t even made it to Naples yet. I neeeed to try Pizza there!

  9. I’m glad it’s easy to get around the whole island by bus. Wow, what a stunning part of the world. I need to get myself to Italy ASAP! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us.

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