Iguazu Falls, Argentina – The most amazing waterfall in the world

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Iguazu Falls

One of the places I had dreamed of going for years is Iguazu Falls (In the Guarani language it means “big waters”) on the border of Argentina & Brazil.  You can see the falls from both countries.  It was discovered by Alvar Nunuz Cabeza de Vaca in 1542 and became a national park in 1934 and declared World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 1984.

When I did my trip to Patagonia I tried to fit in a trip to Iguazu Falls but just did not have enough days left, that’s why when I set off to South America in 2012 for 5 months I knew that I had to fit it in.

I set off from Salta, Argentina and got 3 buses taking 22 hours before I arrived in Puerto Iguazu, it’s a very small town, easy to walk around and find a hostel.  I hadn’t booked a hostel but as I had met some people on the bus, I decided to stay in the same hostel as them.

The next day it was up early to get the bus from town (every 30 minutes) to see the Argentinian side of the falls.  During the rainy season (dec, jan & feb) there are up to 270 falls and 150 minimum during the dry season.  I was there at the end of September and there was an awful lots of water then, it’s an amazing sight.

I arrived at the site and paid my 330 argentinian pesos (about £17) in cash as required and paid for the boat tour that takes you up close to the waterfalls (you will get soaked no matter what you wear, make sure you have a change of clothes.  You get a waterproof bag so your belongings are kept dry).  It is amazing to see the waterfalls so close and we were practically underneath one of them at one point, to feel the power of them so close is unbelievable.

Iguazu FallsIguazu Falls

As it was a pretty cloudy day, when I got off the boat soaked it was a freezing walk up to the nearest toilets to get dry and changed, but the walk up along the lower circuit (it is 1,600 metres long) had some amazing views.

Iguazu Falls P1070210 Iguazu Falls P1070219

After getting changed I then walked to the upper circuit (it is 650 metres long) to get a view of the waterfalls from the top, what amazing views.

Iguazu Falls P1070233 Iguazu Falls Iguazu Falls

After this it was on to the jungle train and across to the most famous fall, Devil’s Throat, it is 1,100 metres long and is the biggest fall at Iguazu. The noise and spray is unbelievable but it’s a very impressive site.

Iguazu Falls Iguazu Falls Iguazu Falls

After this it was back to Puerto Iguazu and out for a nice dinner.

If you go to Iguazu Falls then you will need a full day for the Argentinian side, there are a lot of free walks to do and so much to see.  A must is the boat ride up close to the falls, but this you can do either on the Argentinian or Brazilian side. The Brazilian side you need less time, there is only a small area with free walks (after you have paid your entrance fee), there are a lot of paid activities but I didn’t do any of these.  It is hard to choose a favourite side, if you have time it’s worth visiting both, but I would say you can’t miss the Argentinian side.

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Iguazu Falls - The Argentinian side of the most amazing falls

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17 thoughts on “Iguazu Falls, Argentina – The most amazing waterfall in the world

    • I have a panasonic lumix but I only took shots from quite far away. I now have a waterproof version of the same camera so I can get in close to waterfalls!!

    • I did both sides, the Brazilian side is really impressive as you are looking at all the falls on the Argentinian side. I think it’s certainly worth going to both. Blog on Brazilian side will be coming later 🙂

  1. I’ve seen so many beautiful photos of Iguazu Falls & I’m so glad you wrote such an informative post about it! And good tip about the boat ride! It kind of reminded me of my trip to Niagara Falls. We weren’t provided a waterproof bag to keep our belongings dry, so I was stuck hiding my camera from the sheer volume of mist under the provided rain ponchos.

  2. Heaven! Looks like a dream, I would absolutely be in heaven. Did I say Heaven yet, 🙂 I adore waterfalls of all shapes and sizes and how soothing the sound they make! Your photo’s are so so beautiful and would love to go there. I will definitely have to put Iguazu on my bucket list along with Angel Falls and Victoria Falls! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful article!

  3. I have heard so much about the Igazau falls. But I never knew that you could see it from two countries. The boat ride looks much better than the Niagara falls boat ride. Waiting to read about the Brazilian side as well.

    • I have done Niagara falls too and you don’t get as wet on that one, this one you are soaked through!! The boats also are a lot smaller than the ones at Niagara 🙂

  4. Wow absolutely amazing waterfall you captured it beautiful. Sounds like quite the mission to get there but very worth it. defiantly on my list of places to see next year 🙂

  5. I have always wanted to visit Iguazu falls due to their spectacular water play and the hikes that around around it. I love hiking and this would be a perfect day for me. The boat that goes very close to the waterwall sounds very tempting too.

  6. These are so beautiful! I’m starting to get ideas together for my first trip to South America, so this is a must-see. This gives Croatia some serious competition for the most amazing waterfalls.

    • These are the most amazing waterfalls I have seen so far. I love South America spent about 14 months there in the past 4 years!!

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