Hot Air Balloon Trip Egypt – I have to keep the balloon in the air!!

Hot Air Balloon Egypt

When I went to Egypt in 2007 I had no intention of doing a hot air balloon trip but when a couple on my tour decided to do the trip for sunrise, the “I hate missing out” part of me started kicking in.  I didn’t want them to come back and tell me how good it was and see the pictures and regret not doing it, so I signed up and agreed to get up at some ridiculous hour so that we could get out to the field into our balloon and in the air while it was still dark so we could watch sunrise in the sky.  When we arrived I was surprised at the size of the basket, I was expecting that one balloon carried maybe 4 people and not realising there would be lots of baskets attached.

Our balloon was carrying 20-25 people!!! Everyone was in pairs getting put in the baskets and then there was little me left all on my own!! A guy came over and gave me some gloves and advised I was with the captain!!! This meant that I experienced the whole flight in the basket with the gas canistors and because of the gloves when we needed to rise I had to stand on my tiptoes to press the lever to put the flames in the balloon!!  As if I wasn’t nervous enough about going up in the balloon, I am terrified of heights, I am surrounded by gas canistors and I am in charge of keeping us in the air!!!

Once we were all in our baskets, the captain had gone through the safety briefing and how to land (most of which didn’t apply to me because of the gas canistors!!  I wasn’t to duck low in the basket on landing!! As I might get knocked out by a gas canistor!!), the captain got us in the air.  As co-pilot I was chatting to the pilot and he was telling me about his long experience as a balloon pilot and that he was actually in charge of all the other balloons and so I was very lucky because we were the first balloon up and would be the last balloon to land and so we would get extra time for free!!  He could tell from the look on my face, that this was not good news to me, all I wanted to do was get back on the ground as soon as possible!!

Thankfully the captain kept me busy, pointing out all the sights on the ground so I could take lots of pictures and reminding me to keep the balloon in the air!!  It was amazing seeing the Valley of the Kings from the air, knowing that afterwards we would be visiting it.  After a bit I got used to being up there and the views were amazing, it was a truly amazing experience and so peaceful.  I am glad I did it but am not sure I will do it again!!

Here are some pictures from that trip.

Hot Air Balloon Egypt Hot Air Balloon Egypt Hot Air Balloon Egypt Hot Air Balloon Egypt Hot Air Balloon Egypt Hot Air Balloon Egypt Hot Air Balloon Egypt Hot Air Balloon Egypt Hot Air Balloon Egypt Hot Air Balloon Egypt

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Hot Air Balloon Ride Egypt

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25 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloon Trip Egypt – I have to keep the balloon in the air!!

  1. It sounds like you had a super neat and unique experience! I haven’t been in a hot air balloon but would love to someday. I want to do it in New Mexico or Turkey, but now maybe Egypt is an option! Those mountains are breathtaking!

  2. What an amazing experience! That couple you met definitely got you on the right track because your photos look fantastic. It’s been on my bucket list to go to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Japan. Have you ever heard of it?

  3. What a fun experience. Loved that you overcame your fear of heights and ended up having a great time. I’m also so surprised to read that the baskets are so big. Great pictures. So glad you enjoyed the experience.

  4. Wow! Go you conquering your fears and captioning the balloon! I did one in Turkey, but it’s pretty awesome to see all the ruins below. We didn’t have that. What an amazing experience!

  5. Wow, now that really does sound and look like a once in a lifetime experience! Fabulous views and great photos! A hot air balloon ride is on my bucket list… Just need to decide where to do one!

  6. There’s a strong chance I would have passed out. I love doing memorable things like this when I travel but I need a really strong push forward to get going. I would have died a little if I had to actually control the thing lol. NOPE.

  7. Looks like an amazing experience! I totally want to try that out too, though I’m afraid of heights as well. I missed doing it in Cappadocia & Serengeti but I’m definitely going to do it someday, somewhere.

  8. Oh my gosh they gave you THAT much responsibility on your first ride?!? Good for you haha sounds like you kept your composure. I probably would’ve cried. Hot air ballooning is one of those bucket list items I have yet to tick off, but wow Egypt would definitely be a crazy place to do it!

  9. This is incredible! I’m TERRIFIED of heights too so I have so much respect for you for not only getting on the hot air balloon but also co-piloting one. I think I’d just poop my pants and pass out from fear lol

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