South Sea Island, Fiji – Visiting paradise

South Sea Island Fiji

After living in NZ for a year it was time to move on, the visa had run out so on to a new country, on my way to Hawaii I decided to first stop in Fiji for nearly 3 weeks.  I had seen pictures before and it looked beautiful so it was a place I had to visit.  I flew from Auckland to Nadi where I stayed in a hostel for 1 night before getting picked up and taken to Port Deanarau to start my 12 day trip around the Yasawa Islands with Awesome Adventures Fiji.

My first stop was South Sea Island for 2 nights.  It is one of the most beautiful islands I have been to, it’s very small takes maybe 5-10 minutes to walk around, there is a dorm room for people to stay overnight and even a swimming pool!!  During the day there are visitors from other islands but you can still easily find a quiet spot and relax.  When I arrived, I was welcomed with a song from the staff, everyone made me feel very welcome.

South Sea Island Fiji South Sea Island Fiji

That afternoon I decided to take a trip on the semi submersible to see the fishes on the coral reef around the island.  After that I watched a traditional Meke performance before finding a sun lounger and relaxing for the afternoon.

South Sea Island Fiji South Sea Island Fiji

That evening I watched sunset on the beach while we were sat down having dinner.  I was staying on an island with a dorm room and eating dinner on a table on the beach, was unbelievable, such an amazing night.

South Sea Island Fiji South Sea Island Fiji

The next day I was doing the Seaspray Day Sailing Adventure to Modriki Island where Tom Hank’s film “Castaway” was filmed.  This island is amazing, so beautiful, there were hardly any tourists and we got plenty of time to snorkel.  It was an amazing day out, the water was so clear, only a small part of the Island is accessible so it didn’t take long to explore and then it was time for relaxing on the beach.

Modriki Island Fiji Modriki Island Fiji Modriki Island FijiModriki Island FijiModriki Island Fiji  Modriki Island Fiji

After the beach we all got back on the boat for an amazing lunch, so much good food to eat.  We were then had a Kava Ceremony on the boat and we all got to try Fiji’s national drink.  It looked a bit like dirty dishwater but it would be rude not to have a shot!!  It was a great day and I had so much fun.

Seaspray Day Sailing

After changing to the little boat to take us back to South Sea Island, I got a chance to drive/pilot the boat around the island, it was great fun, I wasn’t the best at going in a straight line but I didn’t sink it, which was a bonus!! It was then another night watching the sunset and dinner on the beach.  Of all the Islands in Fiji this was my first one but it still ended up being my favourite and if I ever return to Fiji I will be back there without a doubt.

South Sea Island Fiji South Sea Island Fiji

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Read about my trip to South Sea Island, Fiji.  A beautiful island that you can walk around in 10 minutes with amazing beaches.

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19 thoughts on “South Sea Island, Fiji – Visiting paradise

  1. This looks like heaven! I have yet to visit Fiji, but it is high on my bucket list. The beach just looks so beautiful and the water… ahhh so inviting. Loved the way you described Kava – what did it taste like?

  2. This looks idyllic. There are so many islands to choose between, isn’t there? I went to the main island a while ago, but I found it hard work to be honest, with people trying to sell you tours and stuff all the time. I’d do it differently if I were to do it again, and this seems like a good way.

  3. Interesting travel itinerary type post – I just wish the pictures were a little bit bigger so we could see the loveliness more clearly! Sounds like the folks you met were incredibly friendly and a great trip was had. Congrats on not sinking the boat 😉

  4. Such a beautiful island! You can walk around in 10 minutes – how perfect is that! I can imagine myself enjoying there the whole week, just chilling and trying national dishes. Thank you for sharing this lovely place.

  5. This is beautiful! You must’ve had a fantastic time. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us! I wanna go now!!!

  6. We haven’t visited Fiji yet. After reading about your stay there it will certainly go on the list! When we do we will have to check out the Seaspray Day Sailing Adventure.

  7. What a beautiful place to visit and your photos are spectacular too. I’m adding this to my list of must visit areas of the world.

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