Bolton Abbey – A great day out in Yorkshire

Bolton Abbey UK A great day out in Yorkshire

As I am stuck in England, recovering from a badly broken wrist, I decided it was time to go see some of the country I am from!!  On an overcast bank holiday Tuesday I went to Bolton Abbey, it’s a great day out in Yorkshire and who knew it was in North Yorkshire and not anywhere near the town Bolton!!!

It’s just over an hour drive north of Leeds in the Yorkshire Dales and sits along the River Wharfe.

We arrived about 11am and paid our £8 to park the car for the day, got our maps and decided on which walk to do.  There are 80 miles of paths to walk and we chose a 7.5 mile walk past the abbey and along the river to Barden Bridge.

We set off from the village and headed down to the Abbey.  What a beautiful place.


Bolton HallBolton Abbey

I had my pic taken outside the ruins of the abbey and then went for a closer look, exploring the ruins and having a look too at Bolton Hall.

Next we headed across the river, there are 2 ways to cross the river, over the bridge or stepping stones.  Lots of people were trying the stepping stones even small children but as I am still recovering from a badly broken wrist, I was too scared of slipping and went for the sensible option of the bridge!!

Bolton Abbey

We then walked through Strid Wood, here there are lots of things for kids to do with tree climbing, tunnels, nets, bridges.  It was a beautiful walk through the woodland with wild garlic growing on the floor of the forest and seeing the river close up or afar from the high points of the path.

Bolton AbbeyThe Strid

The photo on the right is The Strid, the woods we were walking through are named after this area.

We then continued on, along the river stopping to have a nice relax on a stone chair, before continuing on to Barden Bridge.

Bolton AbbeyBolton Abbey

We then headed back along the other side of the river, with amazing views of the fields and river and the bluebells in flower.

Bolton AbbeyBolton Abbey

Bolton AbbeyBolton Abbey

The photo on the left shows the view above from Barden Bridge and the bridge on the right photo which is beautiful was built to hide the pipe that carries water from Nidderdale to cities in West Yorkshire.

As we headed back towards Bolton Abbey, we came around a corner and got an amazing view of the abbey.  This is such a beautiful place and worth a visit.  Great to spend a day, have a picnic by the river, lots for kids to do.  Miles of walking for the keen hikers, would definitely recommend and I will be back for a visit in the future.

Bolton Abbey

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Bolton Abbey UK A great day out in Yorkshire

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11 thoughts on “Bolton Abbey – A great day out in Yorkshire

  1. This brings back memories of my walk along the same route last September while spending a week in the Yorkshire Dales, however I started from the visitor centre half way up the river between the abbey and the Strid and walked across the stepping stones the opposite way… It’s a fabulous walk with much hilarity watching the escapades at the stepping stones. Love the Strid! This place is a must for anyone staying in the Dales. Check out the Malham Classic Walk too! Superb!

    • Yeah its a great walk, can’t believe I have never visited when I live so near!! Next time I will have to try the stepping stones, didn’t dare this time as I am recovering from a broken wrist 🙂

  2. I love the pictures of the countryside. Yorkshire is such a beautiful place. I’ve also been exploring the Uk a bit more, it’s actually really interesting to explore your own country too.

  3. The countryside looks so lush and i like how the green is such a contrast to the old stone. I can see why so many famous artists flocked to paint at Bolton Abbey. That’s the home of the Duke of Devonshire isn’t it? Did you meet him?

  4. I would have never thought it was in North Yorkshire, and not that far from me either 🙂 I have been across a few Ruins when I first moved here last fall but can’t say for sure if I was there or not, but the Photos have that familiar look to me. I will have to check out now that I am getting brave and driving all over the tiny countryside roads instead of my rat tunnel back and forth to York 🙂 It’s been exactly a year since I moved to England and so much to discover and see! Love the stepping stones, I have a pick of some steeping stone in Ilkley that are similar love them!

  5. Bolton Abbey looks wonderful. I never got to North Yorkshire when I was living in the UK and I’m quite sad I didn’t after seeing your photographs. I am sorry to read that you broke your wrist! I hope it heals fast!

  6. This looks beautiful! I love how green the countryside is and the old buildings, like the abbey. It looks like a spot that is worthwhile visiting. 80 miles of walking paths is huge! It would be interesting to explore it all.

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