Trakai – A great day trip from Vilnius, Lithuania

Trakai Vilnius Lithuania

Trakai is a beautiful historic city located 17 miles (28 kilometres) from Vilnius in Lithuania. The town dates back to 1337, though there were settlements in the area before that. There are 200 lakes in the region with 21 islands.  In Lake Galve a castle was built on one of the islands, Trakai Island Castle.  Construction started in the 14th century and was mostly completed by 1409.  During the wars in the 17th century, the castle was damaged and eventually fell into disrepair, it was then reconstructed and mostly finished in 1961. Continue reading

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Vilnius, Lithuania – Things to do in 2 days there

Vilnius, Lithuania

I was trying to make a decision where to visit in September and finally decided on the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia) as I kept seeing so many pictures from people visiting and had yet to visit myself.  I decided my first stop would be Vilnius, Lithuania. Continue reading

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