My 2017 travel plan

After a terrible 2016, I am so excited for it to be 2017 and my travel plan.  I have lots of travelling planned for the year and knowing that I am seeing in the New Year in a country I love makes me even more excited.

2016 started bad as I stayed in with my sisters dog and watched the New Year celebrations on my own.  I should of known that this was a sign that 2016 would not be a good one!! In March I then badly broke my wrist and 9 months later I still haven’t been signed off by the surgeon, and if I was in the UK I would still be having physio!!  It meant that in 2016 I was barely able to travel as I couldn’t carry my rucksack and I only managed two short trips towards the end of the year.  I did get to spend lots of time with my 3 year old niece which was great but I was itching to get back on the road.

As it got cold in the UK, I decided that I needed to spend winter somewhere else, the cold was making my wrist very painful and probably will do for a good few years to come.  So I decided to go back to the country I love more than anywhere Peru.

I will start 2017 off in Cusco, Peru.  It’s one of my favourite places to be and I can’t wait to see in the New Year here.  Having celebrated Christmas Eve here I know that New Years Eve will be mental, I just hope the rain stays away so I can see the fireworks in the main square (I love fireworks and bonfire night is the one time of year I miss when I am not in England). I will be in Peru until March with maybe a few weeks in Ecuador, a country I have not visited yet.  I was thinking of spending my last month on the beach but I think I maybe the mountains will call me again and I will do a few weeks hiking instead!!

For the rest of the year I plan to visit 18 countries within Europe that I have not yet visited, a rough idea of my plans are as follows:

April – Luxembourg and Litchtenstein.

May/June – Monaco, Athens (I have visited lots of Greek Islands but always wanted to visit Athens so as it’s close to countries I want to visit, then I am planning a few days there), Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Andorra, San Marino

July/August/Sept –  Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Bulgaria, Slovakia

Winter 2017 I am thinking of going to the Philippines, India & Sri Lanka.

It’s quite an ambitious plan and I feel exhausted just reading it back but after the past year I want to get back out there and see the world.

Have you been to any of these places, can you give me tips on must see things in these countries?

It will be interesting to read back at the end of 2017 and see exactly how much of this plan I did and how many countries I got to see.

What are your plans for 2017? Are you planning on travelling to many countries?

Happy New Year to you all and I hope 2017 is a great year for all of us.

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