A visit to Custer State Park, South Dakota, USA

Custer State Park, South Dakota, USA

As I was in Rapid City I decided to see Custer State Park, that morning I had visited Mount Rushmore and after I decided to head straight for Custer State Park.

It was South Dakota’s first state park and is the largest it has.  It was named after Lt Colonel George Armstrong Custer, who I had learned about at school, who had fought and died in the Battle of Little Bighorn and one of a few places in the US named after him, though it is a few hundred miles away from where he died in the battle. Continue reading

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Castles to visit in Luxembourg

There are over 50 castles to visit in Luxembourg, so if castles are your thing then you have a lot of choice.  Some of them have been restored and others are just ruins.  Here are the 9 castles I visited when I was in Luxembourg.

Vianden Castle

Vianden Castle Luxembourg

Vianden Castle is probably the most popular castle in Luxembourg and visited by thousands of people every year.  Continue reading

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Luxembourg City in 1 day

When I booked Luxembourg I thought I would need 2 days to see the city, but I was wrong, to see everything within the city you only need 1 day unless you intend to visit a few of the museums.  There are also trips which can be done outside the city to Echternach for hiking and Vianden to see the castle, which can be done by bus or car.  I spent a total of 5 days in Luxembourg but you could see most things in 2 or 3 days.

I flew in from England to Luxembourg city, a small airport and stayed at the Hostelling International Youth Hostel in the city, its a great location and only about a 10 minute walk to the centre of town.  From the airport you get the number 16 bus to Hamilius stop which is 5 minutes walk from the Place d’Armes and 15 minutes walk from the hostel. Continue reading

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