Luxembourg in 1, 2 or 3 days

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg is a very small country, only 51 miles long by 35 miles wide and you can see a lot in 1, 2 or 3 days.

I spent a total of 5 days in Luxembourg and one of those days I did a day trip to Germany as I had allocated 2 days to see Luxembourg City but unless you are planning on visiting a few museums then only 1 day is needed.

Here is my intinerary and what I would recommend if you only have a few days in the country.

Day 1

Luxembourg City Luxembourg City

I would recommend if you have only 1 day in the country, then to spend that day exploring Luxembourg City, it is a beautiful city and one I fell in love with in minutes.

You can visit the Bock Casemates, walk the Chemin de la Corniche, see the old town, visit a fort, there are also lots of museums to visit too.

Day 2

Trier Germany Trier Germany

As I had seen everything I wanted to see in Luxembourg city within a day, I asked the hostel what I could do for the day and they suggested exploring Trier.  It is just across the border in Germany and is the oldest city in Germany.  It is very beautiful and if you have an extra day then well worth a visit.  It is only 50 minutes by train from Luxembourg City and the town is easily seen in a day.  The most famous things to see are Porta Nigra and the Market Square.

Day 3

Bourscheid Castle

I picked up a car from the airport and decided to have a day visiting castles.  My first castle was Bourscheid Castle, built in 1095 and partly restored but mainly ruins.  It costs 5 Euros and includes an audio guide.

Clervaux Castle

I then drove up to Clervaux in the north of the country and walked around the bottom of the castle before hiking to the top of hill to see the Abbey.  The castle holds 3 museums which you can visit or you can just walk up to the castle and into the courtyard as I did.  There is a church near the castle but the Abbey is at the top of the hill behind the church and is about a 15 minute walk.  It is well worth the walk up to see.

Wiltz Castle

I then made my way south to Wiltz and to see the castle. The castle is now the National Museum of Brewing, but you are able to walk into the courtyard and around the grounds.

Esch-Sur-Sure Castle

My favourite of the day was Esch-Sur-Sure, because of the view from the opposite hill.  I parked the car and then walked up to the ruins on top of the hill in the middle of the town.  The castle was built in the 13th century and there are only ruins left.  If you climb the hill on the opposite side and follow the path, you get a great view of the town and of the ruins.

Day 4

Mullerthal Trail Luxembourg Mullerthal Trail Luxembourg

I decided that I wanted to see a bit of the country and do some hiking, so I decided to do part of the Mullerthal trail.  It is split into 3 routes, all around 37/38km long, but you are able to do part of them too and get the bus back to Echternach.  I hiked about 22km from Echternach to Hersberg and caught the bus back.  It was a beautiful walk, though tough in places and after 22km I was ready to call it a day.  As I had finished around 5.30pm, I decided to have dinner in Echternach, see the cathedral and have an ice cream before heading back to my hostel.  As I arrived back in Bourglinster while it was still light I decided to go and explore Bourglinster Castle.  This is now a restaurant, but you are still able to walk around the grounds and into the courtyard.

Day 5

Vianden Castle, Luxembourg

This was my final day with the car and so I decided to see the rest of the castles I had missed.  I had deliberately left the castle everyone had said I must see if there was only 1 castle I would see in Luxembourg and that is Vianden Castle.  The castle is beautiful and has been well restored and costs 7 Euros to visit, I also decided to get the audio guide at 2 Euros and it was worth it, to find out more history of the castle.  The town too is so beautiful and lovely to walk through.  There is a ski lift up the mountain, though you can easily walk from the castle in about 20 minutes to the café at the top.

Beaufort Castle Luxembourg

I then drove to Beaufort Castle, here you can walk around the ruins of the castle built in the 11th century.  The renaissance castle next to it can be visited but only on a private tour at certain times of the week and must be booked in advance.

Larochette Castle Luxembourg

My final castle of the day was Larochette, another ruin built originally in the 11th century.  It is only a ten minute walk from the town and worth a visit.  It was then back to the airport to drop off the car before heading back to Luxembourg City for my final night.

If you only have 1 day in Luxembourg

If you only have 1 day in Luxembourg then, Luxembourg City is a must see.  There is enough to keep you busy for the day.

2 days in Luxembourg

If you have 2 days then on your second day I would say you must visit Vianden. It is possible to get the bus to Vianden from Luxembourg City.  If you have a car then you could also visit some of the other castles I have mentioned in the same day.

3 days in Luxembourg

If you have 3 days then for the extra day I would do a hike. There are so many to choose from in different areas of the country but the most popular are around Echternach.  It is possible to get the bus from Luxembourg City to Echternach and do either part of the Mullernthal trail or do the E1 trail which is 12km long and starts and finishes in Echternach.

If you are not into hiking then I would you could either go see some more castles or go to Trier in Germany for the day, it is a beautiful city.

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Crazy Horse Memorial

Crazy Horse Memorial South Dakota USA

Before I visited South Dakota I had never heard of the Crazy Horse Memorial, but as I was researching what to do when I got to Rapid City I read about this place in a guide.

I knew about Crazy Horse and Lt Colonel Custer and the Battle of Little Big Horn as we had studied it in history at school, so I was intrigued to actually be in the area near to where this famous battle had occurred and to go visit the memorial to Crazy Horse.

Crazy Horse was born in the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1842 and was a native american.  He fought against the US Government who were taking the land and changing the way of life of the native american people.

He is one of the most famous native americans and helped lead the assault against Custer leading to Custer’s death in 1876.  He has honoured by the US Postal Service and appeared on a stamp in 1982.

Crazy Horse, South Dakota, USA

In 1939 Korczak Ziolkowski was asked to carve a memorial to the spirit of Crazy Horse which eventually began in 1948.  Korczak worked mainly on this own, until his death in 1982 when his wife Ruth took over the project, changing the focus to finishing Crazy Horse’s face so the visitors would be able to see this from the visitors centre.  6 of his children and some grandchildren now run the project.  There is no completion date known as it all depends on the number of visitors and how much money they get in as to how much work can be done on the mountain.  I was told maybe 2050, maybe later!!

I arrived at the memorial late afternoon and went straight to the information desk to find out what there was to do. At that time I had no idea that the memorial itself is so far away from the visitors centre or that it costs to see it closer.  I also did not realise that it is not funded by the government and is a non profit foundation as Korczak wished that no federal or state funds would ever be accepted to create the memorial.

The cost of entry is $11 per person or $28 for a car with more than 2 people.  If you want to see it closer there are 2 options.  The cheapest is $4 and you can get a bus from the visitors centre for a 25 minute round trip, where you get out and see a closer view.  The picture below is the closest you get from the $4 trip, but well worth doing as you get an idea of how big it is actually going to be and you can get a good view of the face head on.

Crazy Horse Memorial South Dakota USA

Crazy Horse, South Dakota, USA

Unfortunately on this trip you can’t get too close as it is a live working site and sometimes you can hear them doing detonations depending on the day you visit.

The 2nd option you can actually go and visit the head and face of Crazy Horse and get a close up picture, this trip though does cost $125 and needs to be booked in advance.  I have seen pictures of people stood by the face and this is when you realise just how big it actually is as the people are tiny!!  I really wanted to go do this, but as a backpacker I just couldn’t justify the cost.

It is the worlds largest mountain carving and just the head of Crazy Horse is 27 feet taller than a head at Mount Rushmore which are 60 feet high.  Once it’s finished it will be 563 feet high and 641 feet wide and it’s something I would love to see as it will look amazing carved into the rock.

After the bus tour, I then went into the visitors centre where I watched the orientation film on the history of the Crazy Horse Memorial, which is worth watching as it shows how Korczak came to live on the site and had his 10 children there, how he had to drag everything up the mountain to do blasts, to carve the rock all on his own, sometimes with the help of his children and how much it has changed now.  They now have a team of explosive experts that they can afford to employ run by Korczak’s son and his daughter runs the restaurant.

After watching the film I then went out onto the viewing veranda and watched a traditional native performance while seeing the memorial in the background.

Crazy Horse, South Dakota, USA

I then had a walk around the museum and shops before stopping in the restaurant for dinner.  The food is reasonably priced and as I wanted to stay for the laser light show it made sense to sit in the restaurant looking out at the memorial until it the show started.

After dinner I went and got my spot on the viewing terrace, despite it being summer it still dropped cold on a night, so you would want a jumper!!

The show then commenced and it was great, a history of the native americans, worth seeing if you are in the area and visiting crazy horse.  At one point you can see exactly how the memorial will look when it’s completed.

Crazy Horse, South Dakota, USA Crazy Horse, South Dakota, USA Crazy Horse, South Dakota, USA

After the show it was then back in the car for the drive back to Rapid City.

Crazy Horse was one of my favourite places to visit on this trip to South Dakota and I did prefer it to Mount Rushmore, it is a lot bigger and a lot more impressive.  The history behind it, of one man doing so much of it on his own, the fact that all the money used to create it has not come from any government or state funding but through donations or visitors to the site and it’s a memorial to a native american who was trying to keep his lands and way of life.

If you are in the area then it’s a great place to visit, and hopefully one day I will get to go back and see it when it’s finished.

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Read about my trip to Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota, USA. It's a memorial to a native American, trying to keep his lands and way of life.



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