My 2017 travel plan

After a terrible 2016, I am so excited for it to be 2017 and my travel plan.  I have lots of travelling planned for the year and knowing that I am seeing in the New Year in a country I love makes me even more excited.

2016 started bad as I stayed in with my sisters dog and watched the New Year celebrations on my own.  I should of known that this was a sign that 2016 would not be a good one!! In March I then badly broke my wrist and 9 months later I still haven’t been signed off by the surgeon, and if I was in the UK I would still be having physio!!  It meant that in 2016 I was barely able to travel as I couldn’t carry my rucksack and I only managed two short trips towards the end of the year.  I did get to spend lots of time with my 3 year old niece which was great but I was itching to get back on the road.

As it got cold in the UK, I decided that I needed to spend winter somewhere else, the cold was making my wrist very painful and probably will do for a good few years to come.  So I decided to go back to the country I love more than anywhere Peru.

I will start 2017 off in Cusco, Peru.  It’s one of my favourite places to be and I can’t wait to see in the New Year here.  Having celebrated Christmas Eve here I know that New Years Eve will be mental, I just hope the rain stays away so I can see the fireworks in the main square (I love fireworks and bonfire night is the one time of year I miss when I am not in England). I will be in Peru until March with maybe a few weeks in Ecuador, a country I have not visited yet.  I was thinking of spending my last month on the beach but I think I maybe the mountains will call me again and I will do a few weeks hiking instead!!

For the rest of the year I plan to visit 18 countries within Europe that I have not yet visited, a rough idea of my plans are as follows:

April – Luxembourg and Litchtenstein.

May/June – Monaco, Athens (I have visited lots of Greek Islands but always wanted to visit Athens so as it’s close to countries I want to visit, then I am planning a few days there), Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Andorra, San Marino

July/August/Sept –  Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Bulgaria, Slovakia

Winter 2017 I am thinking of going to the Philippines, India & Sri Lanka.

It’s quite an ambitious plan and I feel exhausted just reading it back but after the past year I want to get back out there and see the world.

Have you been to any of these places, can you give me tips on must see things in these countries?

It will be interesting to read back at the end of 2017 and see exactly how much of this plan I did and how many countries I got to see.

What are your plans for 2017? Are you planning on travelling to many countries?

Happy New Year to you all and I hope 2017 is a great year for all of us.

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77 thoughts on “My 2017 travel plan

  1. Ambitious year indeed. I wish you do them all .Since you’ll come to the Balkans why leave Croatia outside? Plitvice lakes are wonderful.Slovenia too with lake Bled and Vintgar gorge. As for Athens, the city I live in, there are lots of things to do. What are your interests?

    • I have already been to Croatia & Slovenia. I agree Plitvice lakes are stunning. I would like to see all the ruins in Athens. Is there anything else you can recommend?

      • In Athens you will visit off course Plaka and Monastiraki ,Acropolis and the acropolis museum. Near Monastiraki station is the neighborhood of Psiri. There you will find The Little Kook , a fairytale coffee shop with amazing decoration. A great museum for antiquities is The Archaeological museum, in Patision av, near Omonoia Sq. The two main squares is Syntagma ( more rich and commercial place) and Omonoia ( more humble). You will have a great view of the city from the top of Lycabetus hill( you can go by foot or by funicular from Kolonaki( a polished neighborhood)). But you will have an even better 360 view from Filopappou monument , across from the Acropolis. If you are willing to go about an hour by bus away you can go to the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion.

  2. What an exciting bucket list!! Your 2017 is going to be a doozy and will certainly make up for the slow travel schedule of 2016. 🙂 Be sure to send your niece some postcards. 🙂

  3. Yep, that’s a lot of places, but definitely doable! Enjoy the rest of your time in Peru and your visits to all those countries. Athens is cool – I liked it a lot more than any of the islands.

  4. So you’re in Peru right now? I’m so jealous! Peru and India are currently battling it out for 1st position in my ranking of favourite countries. Sounds like you (hopefully!) have an intense year ahead of you. For 2017 so far I have concrete plans for Poland, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia, and fingers crossed I’ll also make it to a lot more of Europe too! In fact, a lot of the countries I kind of want to go to you’ve listed yourself!

    • I am back in Arequipa as I write this!! Can’t see Misti though as the rains have now hit!! I haven’t made it yet to India, maybe next winter!! I you are visiting any of the places on my list may/june/september let me know and I will maybe see you there 🙂

  5. Good luck in 2017!
    I am from Denmark, and you cannot miss out the second biggest city Aarhus in 2017 since it is the “City of Culture” this year meaning a lot of activities is going to happen the whole year! Furthermore its such a pretty city.

    I was in Montenegro some years ago as well and I loved it. I would love to travel more around in Eastern Europe in general. Like backpacker.

    br, Nana

  6. I’m so sorry you had a rough 2016! 2017 sounds like it’ll be much better! My 2017 won’t be as travel focused as 2016 because I’m getting married this year! I have a couple of US road trips planned (Arizona, California, east coast) and will go to Puerto Rico at least twice (that’s where I’m getting married!) and hopefully Cuba and another Caribbean island. Can’t wait to follow along on your European adventures!

    • Congratulations, have a great day. Cuba is amazing, I loved it there. 18 months ago I did 2 months around the US and had an amazing time, so much to see and do. I can’t wait for this year am so excited 🙂

  7. I’m so envious of anyone living in Europe – it’s so easy (and really cheap) for Europeans to travel to different countries in such a short time! From your tentative list, I’ve been to Athens (liked it but didn’t spend enough time there), Monaco (17 years ago!), India (amazing!) and Sri Lanka (one of my favorite countries ever!). Good luck in all your planning and here’s hoping you achieve all your travel goals for 2017. Enjoy your time in Peru!

  8. Do you like wine? If you do, you should check out the Purcari Winery in Moldova and do a wine tasting and a tour around the property. It’s lovely! And where in Norway are you going? I’m from there and I’m sure I can give you some tips 🙂

    • Norway I am still researching where I need to go and how long I need. I need to book my flights soon though and get organised 🙂

  9. Your 2017 sounds freaking amazing!! I was in Cusco and Machu Picchu in May of last year and absolutely loved it. This year, I’m headed back to Chile, then Brazil, and then Portugal. Everything else is up in the air!

  10. We have quite a few plans for 2017 – the main one being a move to Australia. We are off to Denmark next month – I love Scandinavia but find it very expensive. Norway is my favourite country – do plan to get to Bergen then train to Myrdal – the Flam railway then the ferry to Gudvangen along the fjords. Stunning scenery! There are some posts on my website about that trip if you are interested.

    • Very exciting. Hope the move goes well. I will have a look at the posts, need all the help I can get in planning my trip 🙂

  11. Wow! This sound really amazing. India during winters is beautiful. If you find time, you may visit Kerela during your trip to India. You can read about Kumarakom backwaters on my blog.
    Have fun!

  12. Wow what an ambitious list for one year. I hope you can enjoy all the countries and have a great time.
    Ps.: Just been to Peru and totally agree: What a lovely place. Hope you make it to Huaraz 🙂

    • I went to Paracas two years ago when I was here. It’s a nice place but I would really love to visit the Galapagos. Hope you have a great 2017 too 🙂

  13. I wish you all the best for 2017 and may your wrist be healed completely so you can travel smoothly. I would love to visit those European countries on your list but not this year probably 2018. By the way, I’m excited for your travel in the Philippines, hopefully you can push through that. I’m sure you will enjoy our beaches and lots of sun.

  14. Your 2017 travel plans are quite ambitious! I just returned from South America, from Chile and Argentina, and I miss it so much already! I have been to Peru in 2013 and I had a great time there as well. You can’t miss going to Huacacina, I fell in love with that oasis in the desert.

    • I have been to Huacachina twice, it’s so beautiful. The weather isn’t great there at the moment, so I am going to head north up to Huanchaco 🙂

  15. Wish you well this year and all your pending plan in previous year will be realized this year.

    Last year I planned to travel more around my home country, Indonesia, this year I plan to travel at least to one new destination and also one solo trip. Wish me luck! 🙂

  16. Ouch that sounds like a really bad break, but love your attitude going forward into 2017! We went to Kotor, Montenegro last summer because it was a port on our cruise. I would definitely go there as the town is small and super cute. Then hike up the fortress to get not only a work out, but the most beautiful views of the city and Mediterranean Sea!

    Our travel plans for 2017 are still a little up in the air. We moved to the east coast in the United States in the fall of 2016 after we got back from Europe and want to visit a bunch of states in this area. Our big trip for the year though is going to Africa! We will be going to South Africa to go on some safaris and visit a cheetah rehabilitation center. Then we will go to Zambia for some more safari game drives and of course see the Victoria Falls. We are hoping to find good fight deals to any island in the Caribbean as we are desperate to visit again and enjoy the beach.

    Happy travels!

    • Thanks for the advice on Montenegro, I have added Kotor to my list. Africa sounds great, I haven’t made it there yet, but it’s on the list. I did a 2 month tour of the US, 18 months ago and had a great time, so much to see and do 🙂

  17. Well it sure sounds like you are making up for 2016. Your travel itinerary sounds amazing. I just got back from Sri Lanka and could have spent more time there. I did not get to see all that I wanted to but am still happy with the trip.

  18. I’m sorry to hear about your wrist. I hope you have a speedy recovery. It looks like you have a pretty busy year ahead of you. I just returned from Cuba, and I have a few other trips on my calendar. I’ve never celebrated Christmas or NYE in a different country so that’s definitely on my calendar for this year!!

    • Thanks, its been nearly a year and it’s still not great but least I can pick up my rucksack now!!! Another year and it will hopefully be back to normal. Cuba is great, I was there just over a year ago, I was drunk for a month the cocktails were so cheap!! I have only been home for 1 Christmas/NYE in the past 5 years and I have loved it, getting away from the cold and rain of the UK!!!

  19. I never know what my plans are! I’m currently in Bali for a few more weeks and then I’ll return to Thailand. After that will be either India or Jerusalem and then I’m hoping to fit in S Korea before I leave for Europe for the summer!

  20. I’ve been to India and Philippines. I LOVED India and ended up spending my whole 6 month visa there! It’s a crazy and amazing country. The Philippines are nice too – great diving. Not as life-changing as India though 😉

  21. What a fantastic year you’ve got planned. Even though I live in Europe I haven’t managed to visit many of the countries on your list. I have been to Kerala in India and I’d recommend it – beautiful beach towns and tea plantations, and tigers at Periyar. Enjoy!

  22. What a pain about your arm! My husband broke his wrist at the end of last year and has only just got the cast off – and now we are leaving for a ski trip to Japan! Injuries suck. Sounds like 2017 will be exciting though – Japan first, hopefully make it to Ireland, Iceland, Norway and Denmark later in the year.

    • It’s been nearly a year and I still can’t put my full weight on it!! Looks like you have a busy 2017 planned too 🙂

  23. You poor thing! I snapped my ACL back in November and I am still waiting for the tick from the surgeon (hopefully next week). So I know how you are feeling! Your 2017 looks amazing 🙂

  24. Sounds like a very aggressive travel schedule for the upcoming year but you are young. Don’t let anything stop you. Enjoy and safe travels. I will be anxious to read about Luxembourg and Litchenstein.

  25. How did you break your wrist ?? I hope it gets better asap, so you can travel and enjoy every moment. I broke my wrist and had surgery about 7/8 ago and my girlfriend had a broken toe so for a good couple of months we looked like a great pair haha ! this was all down to one horse haha!

    We are currently in Singapore following this we have planned Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. If we have a bit of money left we will go to Croatia end of August, then New York in December 😀 fun times Happy travelling and happy 2017.

    • I slipped on the decking at my sisters house!! I travel all over the world and have no problems till I am back home!! Sounds like you have some great plans for 2017 too. Enjoy 🙂

  26. Sounds like 2017 is already starting out better! I loved Cusco and trekking in Peru. Definitely one of my all time travel highlights. We will also be in Norway and Sweden in August. Our plan is to head pretty far north. Have a great travel year!

  27. So bad to read about your 2016, I have the feeling it was for people either horrible or the year of their life…
    But for sure with this travel list 2017 of yours – it can only get 1000 times better. Such great destinations, sounds really great – so you will have a lot to discover and see. Enjoy and have a great travel-year 🙂

  28. Your 2017 travel plans are so exciting! Good luck on those plans and I hope you can fulfill them all. You will enjoy Philippines!! I can’t wait to read about your posts on your travel.

  29. Wow, this is quite an ambitious plan. Good luck with it. I hope your wrist heals completely soon too. I’ve got school going kids so I won’t be able to travel internationally much. I really want to visit Macchu Picchu though. Are you planning to go there while in Cusco?

  30. I see a lot of interesting places in your 2017 travel list. If you plan to visit India, then September- December is the best time as the weather gets cooler. As I’m a bit too biased about my country I can suggest on a lot of must visit places lol ;). Anyways have a fantastic travel year and hope arm doesnt give you much trouble anymore :).

  31. Ambitious but also very exciting at the same time! I wish I could tag along to all those places 🙂 We’re going to Slovenia, Austria, Italy, and Montenegro in May/June and Indonesia in September. I’ll have used up all my vacation days with that so I’m hoping to squeeze in some local trips using long weekends.

    We visited Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina 2 years ago and it was lovely. I see that you’re going in May/June so the weather should be a lot better- we were there in late August and it was SO humid. We also loved Cebu and El Nido in the Philippines! The food, though, not so much 😛

  32. 2 other small countries you could try fit in with Luxembourg and Liechtenstein are Andorra and San Marino. In Liechtenstein there is a wooden bridge called the Alte Rheinbrücke. I recommend you walk down there, it’s just an old wooden bridge with a Switzerland/Liechtenstein border sign in the middle but I enjoyed seeing it!

  33. Sounds like you’ve got loads of fun and exciting things planned for 2017 – we hope it turns out to be a better year for you than 2016. So jealous about your trip to Peru!! 18 countries in Europe as well! It will be quite the adventure for you – enjoy! Looking forward to reading all about it.

  34. Whoa! That’s one awesome list. I haven’t been to most of it!!!! Btw, welcome to India!!!! I hope you’ll fall in love with my country! 🙂
    Btw, take care of your health! 🙂

  35. Sorry to hear 2016 wasn’t a great year but i love your spirit to keep going and look at the future. Your plans for 2017 are amazing and I have to say i’m a little bit jealous. In my case, since my younger kid starts school, and it’s slightly on the higher side, means we are saving for the kids before we think about travel. All the best and hope you get to visit India – my home – during this year. Although it’s great all the year round, but November to March is usually the best time for North India.

  36. 9 months! Oh God. Fingers crossed this year will be much better than 2016 was. Peru sounds amazing, though! It’s been on my bucket list for years, so I’m really hoping I’ll be able to go sometime in the near future.

    And wow, what an itinerary! You’ll have such a wonderful time. Sweden is lovely, and Norway is on my list for next year, so I’m looking forward to seeing your photos and reading your stories!

  37. Luxembourg and Lichtenstein are not at all close in anything but size and the alphabet.

    Luxembourg is easy, and I’ve visited twice. If driving, the fuel is cheaper than the surrounding countries, and to see the city centre, park at a suburban rail station and catch the train in.

    Athens is full of stuff to do. The cab drivers will rip you off remorselessly unless you insist on them turning the meter on. Lone women will get pressured into paying €15 for a €5 fare.

    Colourful, historic, cheerful. A rooftop meal with a view of the Acropolis is a must. I’m heading back soonish, and looking forward to ticking a few more boxes.

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