Yangon – My first few days in Myanmar

When I was travelling through Asia, Myanmar was not originally on my list, but on my travels I had met quite a few people who had recently been and told me that I needed to go see it now before it became too touristy and changed too much. I then decided that February 2015 at the end of my trip to Asia I would visit Myanmar.  It was pictures like the one below that made me want to go visit.

Bagan Myanmar

So I looked on the internet and applied for my visa online.  I believe you are still unable to turn up at the airport without a pre-approved visa on arrival. I had to apply for the e visa about 30 days beforehand but it was easy and simple to do. Continue reading

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Koh Tao – A beautiful Thai Island

Koh Tao is a beautiful thai island on the east coast of Thailand, less popular than its neighbours Koh Samui & Koh Phangan. Koh Tao means turtle island and was named after its turtle shape.

Koh Tao

The island is very popular with divers, I met a lot of people who were there doing the PADI certification.  For me it was a relaxing 8 days I needed after 5 months travelling through Asia. Continue reading

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Naples, Italy – What to do in a 24 hour trip

It has always been a dream of mine to visit Pompeii and Herculaneum and so in May 2015 on a trip to Europe I stopped off in Naples for 7 days so that I could explore the area.

I arrived at the airport and got the Naples Alibus Airport Shuttle bus to the Napoli Centrale train station, it runs every 20 minutes and costs 3 Euro one way, much cheaper than a taxi. Continue reading

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Bolton Abbey – A great day out in Yorkshire

Bolton Abbey UK A great day out in Yorkshire

As I am stuck in England, recovering from a badly broken wrist, I decided it was time to go see some of the country I am from!!  On an overcast bank holiday Tuesday I went to Bolton Abbey, it’s a great day out in Yorkshire and who knew it was in North Yorkshire and not anywhere near the town Bolton!!! Continue reading

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Everglades National Park, Florida

After 4 days in Miami and driving from Key West I arrived at the Everglades Hostel in Florida City, a hostel with a big outdoor area, pancakes for breakfast, free wifi and nice big dorm rooms, as I was out of season it was very quiet and on my second night I had the dorm room to myself.  I love it when that happens, though it’s very rare.  That night I spent planning what I wanted to do the next day in the Mexican restaurant next door.

As I was going to the everglades I wanted to do an airboat tour in a small boat and I decided to do this in Everglades City, Continue reading

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Things to do in Key West, Florida

After 2 days in Miami beach it was back to the airport to pick up a car with a couple of girls from Spain that I had met the day before in my hostel.  They had told me they were going to get the bus to Key West but as I had an empty car they decided to come with me.

There is a bus that picks up from different locations in Miami beach around 7am and then leaves Key West at 5.30pm, so you don’t need a car but as I wanted to visit the Everglades after and stop on the way to Key West I wanted the flexibility.  Cars are cheap to hire in Miami but a pass for the toll roads costs nearly as much as the car!! Continue reading

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