Miami Beach

When you imagine Miami, you think blue skies, warm weather and beautiful beaches and I wasn’t disappointed when I landed it was very hot and sunny.  I had flown that morning from Cuba, a distance of 210 miles as the crow flies.  Unfortunately in December 2015, there still wasn’t any commercial flights between the US and Miami meaning I had to fly via Panama, a distance of 2,100 miles and taking a total of 7 and a half hours. Continue reading

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My 1st Blog – Why I started travelling

Exciting, my first blog.

I wanted to give a bit of background as to what made me start travelling and that would be my mum.


My mum was 52 when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and she died 18 months later aged 53.  A conversation from that time has always stood out to me, mum said that she wished she hadn’t been scared of flying and that she had actually seen more of the world (she never flew after I was born).  At the time of the conversation mum was too sick to travel abroad and it really stuck with me that life is too short and that we don’t know how long we have got, so we need to go out and enjoy life as much as we can and do what we love and not have any regrets, to never look back and say I wish I had done….. Continue reading

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